Superhero Collection

Superhero Twitter backgrounds

We decided to create a superhero collection for all you nostalgic out there (including us). Do you remember those good old-fashioned comics and their superheroes? We sure do and that’s why we dedicated a huge collection to the various superheroes that accompanied our childhood, and for some of us also their adulthood. Superman was one of the first superheroes in comics. He was the prototypical superhero who inspired the creation of many other costumed crime fighters such as Batman and Green Arrow. Superheroes typically protect humanity from the so-called super-villains. The word “Super Hero” is actually a trademark co-owned by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. We have some nice vintage Twitter backgrounds of Superman, Hulk, Flash Gordon, Wonder Woman, Batman and Spiderman. Browse through our designer’s original creations and download your favourite superhero Twitter backgrounds for your Twitter profile. Enjoy our free Superhero Twitter backgrounds and share them with your followers!