Japan Collection

Japan Twitter Backgrounds

What do you think when we say Japan? Maybe you’re thinking of Hello Kitty, Sushi, the crazy Japanese fashion, Buddhism, beautiful temples and gardens, Manga’s, the kawaii movement or anything else that would be typically Japanese. Our designers created an amazing collection of Japan Twitter backgrounds, only for you! You’ll find some gorgeous backgrounds capturing Japan’s beauty, as well as some colourful, funny and joyful layouts that’ll really make your Twitter account stand out. Do you know the Japanese Kawaii movement? Roughly translated, Kawaii means cute and stands for everything adorable and sweet to look at. Hello Kitty, for example, is part of the Kawaii movement. You’ll come across many Kawaii themes while browsing through our many Japan Twitter backgrounds. We also have some great designs of the famous Japanese Bento meal boxes. Now you can admire Yoshi, Pikachu and other famous Japanese characters in food form, through our Japan Twitter backgrounds. Do you love Japanese fashion? We have some layouts showing the crazy, colourful clothing styles of the Japanese population. Show your followers how the people of Japan express themselves through their clothing. If you are a fan of the “land of the rising sun”, you should take a look at our Japan Twitter backgrounds and share your favourite designs with the whole Twitterverse.