Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty Twitter Backgrounds

Who could possibly resist this lovely little kitty? Hello Kitty is so darn cute and sweet with her little red bow. No wonder that this white Japanese bobtail cat is globally adorned. There’s no age limitation for being a fan of Hello Kitty. Partly, because of the wide variety of Hello Kitty products, but also because of the cute character she is. You just gotta love her. You probably already have some Hello Kitty plushies, stickers, sleepwear, etc. All you need now is one of our Hello Kitty Twitter Backgrounds, don’t you think? We have designed quite a collection of original, sweet and colourful Hello Kitty Twitter Backgrounds. You can grace your Twitter profile with as many Hello Kitty Twitter layouts as you like. Just click “Make this my Twitter background”, once you’ve chosen your favourite design.