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Make this my twitter backgroundfield_thumbtwitter_node[0]['filepath']; $url = "";// $dir= dirname( __FILE__ ); $i = strpos($dir,'httpdocs')+9; $str = substr(dirname( __FILE__ ),0,$i); $imgPath = $str.$urlPath;*/ //echo ""; //die( $imgPath); if($_GET['b'] == "other") $callback = ""."node/".$node->nid."?a=installed&b=other"; else $callback = ""."node/".$node->nid."?a=installed"; TwitBckGnd_module_redirect($callback); //TwitBckGnd_module_redirect("http://localhost/drupal6/?q=node/".$node->nid."&a=installed"); } if( $q=='installed' && function_exists('TwitBckGnd_module_change') ) { // get image url absolute path $urlPath = $node->field_thumbtwitter_node[0]['filepath']; $url = "";// $dir= dirname( __FILE__ ); $i = strpos($dir,'httpdocs')+9; $str = substr(dirname( __FILE__ ),0,$i); //die($str); //$imgPath = $str.$urlPath; //correct if($_GET['b'] == "other") { $imgPath = $str."sites/all/twit/twitter-background-circle-n.jpg"; //die("dieeeeee".$imgPath); } else $imgPath = $str.$urlPath; //correct $oauth = array('oauth_verifier'=>$_GET['oauth_verifier'],'oauth_token'=>$_GET['oauth_token']); $response = TwitBckGnd_module_change($oauth,$imgPath); if ($response->code == 200 ) { //increment downloads counter try { //count_viewed_today , $node->id $type = "downloads"; $nid = $node->nid; $counter_file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/analytics/counters.php'; if(file_exists ( $counter_file )) { include($counter_file); } } catch(Exception $e) { } header('Location:'.$url); } else if ($response->code == 503 || strpos($response->responseText,'witter is over capacity')) //strpos($response->responseText,'Twitter is over capacity') // Save HTTP status for error dialog on connnect page. //var_dump($response); //return false; { //echo "
"; $urlFailure = "/overCapacity.html"; //die( $urlFailure); /*$myFile = "overCapacity.html"; $fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file"); fwrite($fh, $response->responseText); fclose($fh);*/ header('Location:'); } } } else//incerements views counter { try { //count_viewed_today , $node->id $type = "views"; $nid = $node->nid; $counter_file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/analytics/counters.php'; if(file_exists ( $counter_file )) { include($counter_file); } } catch(Exception $e) { } } } catch (Exception $e) { header("Location:".$node->nid); //echo $e->getMessage(); } ?>


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