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Sushi, “land of the rising sun”, hello kitty, kawaii, karaoke, origami, beautiful and peaceful gardens, kimono’s, geishas, cherry blossoms, temples, Buddha, martial arts, Mangas, crazy Japanese fashion, etc. One of the terms mentioned above would have probably crossed your mind when thinking about Japan.

But the unfortunate and tragic events of 2011 that the “land of the rising sun” has faced and still is facing, is probably one of the first things to spring to people’s minds when thinking about Japan today.

But Japan shouldn’t solely be remembered for its recent tragedy. That’s why we wanted to show that Japan still is all of the things mentioned above.

Discover Japan and its extraordinary culture through our Japan Twitter backgrounds!


We have some adorable “kawaii” layouts, as well as some funny designs of the crazy Japanese clothing styles.

Kawaii is Japanese for cute and refers to anything cute and adorable in Japan, such as Hello Kitty and various other cute Japanese characters.

If you love colour, then you should definitely take a look at our Japanese clothing style layouts.

Ever heard of Bento? Bento is a single portion meal, either takeout or home cooked, traditionally packed in a box-shaped container. The interesting thing about Bento boxes is that they are prepared with love and great care.

The food inside the Bento box can be very elaborately arranged and decorated, so that it looks like popular Japanese comic characters. Those character Bentos are called “Kyaraben” and are really pleasant to look at. It is a nice way of enjoying your daily meals.

Enjoy the fascinating Japanese culture and lifestyle through our Japan Twitter backgrounds!

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