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Discover our blog of the week: We Ned – an Italian creative magazine.



You’ll find everything you need to be inspired at We Ned. If you love creativity, design, inspiration, art, illustration, photography, webdesign, video, you won’t be disappointed.

We Ned was created by Nico, Erica and Diego, three designers from Italy. The idea of We Ned, like many creative ideas, was born at a casual gathering of the three designers. The idea behind We Ned is to share the passion for design.

Like all the bogs, We Ned started small in 2009 but it grew over time thanks to collaborations with important agencies like Dartway Interactive Agency and koikoikoi magazine (among our blogs of the week), encouraging We Ned to innovate their graphic design and write posts on a regular basis.


We really love the colourful design of the blog, it is fresh and easy on the eyes. You’ll easily find what you’re interested thanks to the clear categories on the right sidebar.

There’s really some original stuff on We Ned, things that you may not have seen elsewhere or at least in very few places.

Enjoy the passion for design of Nico, Erica and Diego! Catch up with them on Twitter!

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