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on Jan 27 in Blogs of the week by Viuu

Cruzine describes itself as a “new online magazine” which is interested in creating a community around various themes such as design, coding, photography, etc.

Multiple authors contribute to this blog’s content in order to provide inspiration for those who visit this blog daily … like us!



We love the daily inspiration posts because they show that the world around us is full of inspiration if we’d only open our eyes.  Those daily posts cover everything from website design to typography, photography, digital art, architecture and much more.

What we also like it that, even though those posts come out every day, the authors take the time to write an inspirational introductory text to those posts; showing us what inspired them today.

The blog is neatly organised into different categories such as inspiration, design, coding, freebies, etc.

We really like the fact that they’ve gone with a green font. It’s fresh and you don’t get tired of it. The blog design itself is kept simple, which makes it easier to navigate through the different categories without getting lost or distracted by little design fragments here and there.


The fact that there are several authors to this blog, is what makes it so interesting. You don’t have the same feel or atmosphere to every post. They all have their area of expertise and the urge to share their knowledge through Cruzine.

This blog is really worth stopping by! We can’t wait to see tomorrow’s Daily Inspirations!

Have fun with our Blog of the Week!

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